PTACH at Yeshiva University High School for Girls

An All-Encompassing Education That Takes Your Daughter To The Mainstream​​​

Help your daughter love learning!

What We Offer

Evidence-based interventions tailored to address each student’s academic needs.

Professional Counseling Services

Trained, Experienced Educators

Learning Lab Support Program

Fully Integrated Team Approach

A Holistic Approach

We offer a whole new kind of learning

At PTACH, we nurture students’ inborn strengths while implementing innovative learning systems to positively encourage new skill development.

Our desire is to position every child in a healthy academically appropriate setting, helping them grow, achieve, and enjoy their time at school.

Integrated Programming with YUHSG

PTACH at Central not only facilitates educational accomplishments under the guidance of experienced faculty and well honed teaching methods, it also includes social achievements. Want to mainstream into a math or Chumash class, have a starring part in a school production, hold a position in student government (GO), write an article for the school newspaper, be a Color War captain, manage the softball team, take on the role of basketball captain, or design an art project for a school publication? With the interest, ability, drive, and talent, these are just some of the ways PTACH students are integrated and have shined.

Our students thrive, growing in confidence, learning, and Yiddishkeit!

With a positive work ethic, our PTACH students can achieve and reach their ultimate goals.

About Us

The PTACH program at Yeshiva University High School for Girls takes a holistic approach to educating students with learning challenges. Curriculum and instruction are designed to address the academic, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of a student within the context of a mainstream Yeshiva.

Using a strength-based approach, ample remediation, and honoring accommodations, students are consistently challenged to surpass their perceived expectations of accomplishment. With a moral imperative of the least restrictive environment, students are afforded the opportunity to participate in mainstream classes and all relevant school activities with the necessary support.

PTACH nurtures students’ inborn strengths while implementing innovative learning systems to positively encourage new skill development.

What We Do Best

Educate students with learning challenges. The latest educational methods. Changing lives.

Character-building focus

Emphasizes grit, resilience, and emotional wellbeing, encouraging students to push beyond their perceived capabilities.

Small class size

Allows customized learning plans for each student.

Social-emotional learning methodology

Gives students the skills to build strong friendships and socially appropriate savvy self-advocacy.

Team approach

connects parents and teachers with counselors to educate the whole child.

Trips and enrichment

Programs that inspire learning, comradery, and love for life.

Demystify Learning

Helping students understand their own learning styles through a specific process of self awareness which ultimately leads to meaningful resilience.