Parents Write

To Mr. Judah Weller and Rabbi Jaffa

My son Steven is now almost 14 years old. When he was 4 years old we discovered that he had a learning disability. Despite watching Sesame Street for 2 years he did not know what A,B, or C or 1 ,2,3 were. What should we do? Steven was tested, and we were advised that P’TACH had a program for learning disabled students. So Steven entered the P’TACH program at our community yeshiva.

At first Steven had a hard time in P’TACH; but through the patience of his teachers in P’TACH he improved slowly. When Steven reached 4th grade he had improved so much that he was mainstreamed in English. Then in 5th grade he was mainstreamed in Hebrew. Gradually Steven improved in school. June, 1 993 Steven graduated second in his class, and will enter Flatbush High 9th grade in Sept ember.

What a great success story!! Here’s a boy who at ages was hopelessly behind,and at age 13 graduated 8th grade with honors. P’TACH helped Steven tremendously! Without the individual attention of the P’TACH teachers, Steven would have been lost forever. My wife and I will be eternally grateful to you for the help you gave my son. This is indeed a wonderful success story for P’TACH.


Mr. Richard L.