From the heart


How do you say “Thank You P’TACH” for turning an unhappy, frustrated young boy into a competent, confident young boy?

As Chaim continued through the elementary grades, we realized that he was progressing through school without advancing his knowledge or capabilities. He was falling further behind while becoming more and more miserable.

We were aware that something would have to be done, but we were unsure of what to do. We weren’t familiar with P’TACH, but at our first interview with Dr. Dickstein, the director, we knew that we had come to the right place. In the short time that he spoke to Chaim, he “picked up” on things unknown to those who had lived with Chaim all of his life.

The high school years Chaim spent at P’TACH were not always “smooth sailing”. For every achievement, there were often setbacks. And yet, there was constant growth in understanding, with the accompanying welcome change in attitude.

Today, Chaim is half way through his college degree at a major university. There are courses that he masters easily, and others with which he still needs help. The math teacher who has tutored him through the years called the other day and said, “I had to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with him now. What a difference! He’s so organized, and he has such wonderful work habits!”

P’TACH also helped Chaim in areas other than schoolwork. Not only has he shown tremendous growth in school, but his whole personality has changed. Friendships he developed at P’TACH have endured – when one of the boys suffered a personal tragedy, it was Chaim he asked to help him through the crisis.

How do you say “Thank You P’TACH”??