A Mothers Gratitude

To Whom It May Concern,

At this time, it gives me great pleasure to be able to express a sincere “hakoras hatov” to the entire devoted and dedicated staff of Bais Yaakov D’rav Meir’s P’tach resource room. In addition, we thank the teachers of Bais Yaakov D’rav Meir, who followed the direction of the resource room staff, forming a devoted team of individuals, all working together to promote our daughter, Rochel Leah’s advancement.

In particular, we thank two very special educators. We extend a special thanks to Miriam Kulik, who, professionally and with concern, identified Rochel Leah’s weakness in English reading skills. She, then, saw to it that Rochel Leah got the assistance she needed in a warm and supportive environment. No words suffice to thank the one and only Mrs. Sokol, who lovingly, understandingly and brilliantly taught and nurtured Rochel Leah, restoring her self confidence, positive self image, love and excitement for learning, in general, and reading, in particular, in almost no time at all.

May they be rewarded for the nachas we see from Rochel Leah each day and the delight that she experiences now as she reads with so much pleasure.