Hemshech: A Post Primary Reading

This workbook was developed to improve accuracy and fluency in Hebrew reading. It is designed to help students master the basic reading or kriah skills that a child needs to build all future learning. It is presumed that the student already has a basic knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and nekudos, but has never mastered specific reading and fluency skills. The workbook is divided into 10 sections -each lesson introducing a specific sub-skill. Included are independent exercises to reinforce each skill being taught Subjects covered are areas of common confusion, such as, areas distinguishing nekudos, dagesh, shin and sin, and vocal and silent letters. The introduction specifies the most effective methods for teaching oral as well as silent reading. It is expected that the student will greatly benefit by having those reading skills taught in a systematic/multi modality manner, while also having the opportunity to build other important skills related to reading, such as following directions and organization.


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