Opening the door to learning for 30 years!
P’TACH is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the best possible Jewish and secular education to children who have been disenfranchised because of learning differences. We believe every child has a right to learn. Every child can succeed and should be provided with the opportunity within a regular mainstream setting.
To help realize this goal, P’TACH has taken the initiative to establish special classes and resource centers in conjunction with yeshivas and Jewish day schools throughout the United States , Canada and Israel . P’TACH utilizes these model programs as laboratories in the forefront of research and discovery on how children learn. These programs are then used as models for others to observe, study, and duplicate.
P’TACH also works to promote public understanding of the diverse learning needs of children and to create opportunities and programs to give every child an equal opportunity to a Jewish education. This is accomplished by providing intensive training for regular classroom teachers and empowering them to understand and manage differences in learning.