Much of P’TACH’s success can be measured by the accomplishments of its graduates who, because of the special help they received, have made remarkable strides and have been able to be fully integrated into the community. This includes on average, seventy-five percent of its yearly high school graduates going on to advanced Yeshiva study in Israel and/or on to study in a variety of colleges and universities. Through a program of careful planning for post-high school options, others are placed in vocational programs where they are then successfully employed in the business world. Keep in mind that the above number does not include the many students who were fully mainstreamed before 12th grade thus achieving a large degree of their successful integration even earlier.

“In P’TACH there was always that higher goal to rise up and reach the next level…..Passing grades often weren’t enough. To be satisfied we needed to work with a stronger work ethic than those sitting around us in order to produce the best results…..The second lesson learned from my years in P’TACH is that of self confidence; the third lesson is that of friendship.”

– 23 year old, former graduate of P’TACH/Yeshiva
University High School, presenting at annual dinner.